What will be the size of Amber Update for Lumia 520?


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Apr 10, 2013
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This might be a stupid question but it matters to me. :D I am using a Lumia 520 and I am from India. I am anxiously waiting for the Amber Update for my phone. Anyway I am also eager to know abt the size of the update.. I saw that with manual update thru Nokia Care Suite, its about 1.3 GB. But will it be the same if I update it through phone thru WiFi or will it be less as the phone already has the components of previous version. I am asking this because I never had windows phone or andrioid and I am not aware of the update procedure of big OSes. I had symbian and the update will be about 50 MB - 120 MB depending on the updates xD. And I want to know about the size because the internet connection here in my area is extremely slow and it will take at least about 8 hrs to download 1.3 to 1.5 GB.

Hope the Amber update shows up on August 15 as an Independence Day gift for India. :D
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Arjun KR

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Apr 3, 2013
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I think Amber update via OTA will be in few hundred mb's,updating via Nokia Care Suite completely formats your phone,its just like reinstalling the whole operating system,but in OTA update only necessary components will be replaced by newer versions


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Oct 30, 2012
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Will it need Wlan??? That would be serious problem for me since I don't have wlan at my home so I would be pissed.

Hi Kimi,

Just finished installing the Amber Update on my L920. Unfortunately, it has to be done only thru WLAN / WiFi. I tried forcing the download thru 3G, but to no avail :(.
Also, I have no idea about the exact file size of the update, but judging from the time it took to download & my internet speed the file size should be around 350MB. This is just a guesstimate based on my internet speed & time take by the download.

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