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Dec 30, 2012
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Seriously there are so many camera apps around now for the Nokia phones that it's becoming confusing to determine which one is the best - or which is the best for whatever situation.
Hopefully this very brief list will help some of the uncertain people or new owners to decide. For example, on my Lumia 920 I have installed:

The standard Nokia Camera app - self explanatory. I suspect this is the fastest and simplest camera app for taking quick on the fly photos
Camera 360 - a new install for me.I think it mainly does photo-montage shots but I havent played enough with it to be sure of its full capabilities.

Nokia Panorama
Photosynth - Photosynth and Panorama both appear to do roughly the same thing although Panorama only takes linear shots whereas Photosynth takes near 360 degree shots. The Panorama app often merges the shots in the app very well with few visible joins. Photosynth on the other hand will result in many visible joins but gives a good virtual 3D effect. Very handy for indoor and architectural shots.

Nokia Pro Cam - My newest download and I had high hopes it would be my main camera however the fact that you can only take a touchscreen photo by touching the tiny camera icon on the right hand side is annoying and has invariably caused the app to close itself as Im taking a shot, thereby completely missing the moment.

Place Tag Beta - has never really worked right for me and I am now wondering what the benefit to me is of adding text of my location to the photograph.

ProShot - Probably the best loved camera app of the community I suspect, but is too advanced for me. If you are a professional or good amateur photographer and want an app similar to your DSLR in the ability to play with settings, then this is for you. I have had it installed permenantly selected to B&W however Im now not sure that its necessary for me to keep it installed as my fotor app can easily convert shots to B&W.

Smart Shoot - takes a series of photographs for you to select the one you like most. A good idea although not the fastest app so if its a fast motion shot like motor racing, horse jumping, etc chances are you'll miss the shot while the app initialises.

Other specialist apps
Burton - I like Burton for its ability to merge photos. It does other stuff but this is all I use it for.
Nokia Cinemagraph - an effects camera app which you can use to animate or colour enhance parts of a photograph.

And then there is Oneshot which I am also now tempted to try out.

It'd be very interesting to hear others' points of view on the camera apps they prefer to use and why / when.

Muri Muffins

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Feb 3, 2013
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If the light conditions are good, and I just want to take a snapshot, I use the default camera app, because it is accessed very quickly.
If the light is low, I try to take pictures with the Nokia Pro Cam.

I like to take pictures and edit them afterwards, which is why I rarely use apps like Camera 360 to shoot pictures.


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Aug 15, 2013
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For me its usually ProShot. I like it better than ProCam because it remembers up to 4 custom sets of settings, and has a few more features. Following one of the developer's tips on this forum, I have one set for automatic, one for high speed shots (sports or kids) , one for black and white, and one for night shots. I played with the panorama app from Nokia when I first got the phone, but a little of that goes a long way. Many of the other camera apps are just things I can do on my PC in post processing in programs such as GIMP or PhotoShop. I do also sometimes use HDR Camera App for times when there is too much contrast between my main subject and the background

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