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Which phone to choose-625/630/830 ?

love with windows

New member
Mar 22, 2015
I am using lumia 720 currently. And i am desperately looking for an upgrade! It's not urgent, which means i can wait for a descent lumia to arrive if necessary!

But point is i'm in love with tge looks of 830! But reading the mixed reviews about it, i donno what to do! I am hell confused. Should i opt for lumia 625 for now and wait for a flashing lumia? Or should I pick the 830?

And talking about 625--will it be best or should i ho with the 630?

My requirements are not much. I dnt play games. Just music and browsing which includes reading books mostly and news!

Can you help me decide which decision would be best for me? :/


Active member
Nov 12, 2012
I don't see why not the 830, the things you read about are disproportionately the bad ones.

I would get the 830, which is better than both devices, without a doubt.

The question becomes 625 or 630? I'm not sure which. Depends on what you value I think. Honestly, I think neither device is a compelling upgrade to the 720. If anything, I'd fix up your 720 to give it some more life. The 630 is a bit of a downgrade, but you may not notice the losses. Probably performs better though.

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