Who should buy the Surface Pro with Core m3 and 4GB of RAM?

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Dec 17, 2013
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I've been using the Surface Pro 4 with a Core m3 and 4GB of RAM for a year. Here is who should buy that version for Surface Pro in 2017.
When it comes to buying a PC, things are never really that easy when given too many choices. And yet, consumers yearn for various price points to fit their budget and needs. The Microsoft Surface Pro is no different with six different configurations ranging from $799 to $2,699.
That $799 version is the Intel Core m3 version with just 4GB of RAM. It's the only model to ship with that processor and lets Microsoft claim a "starting at" price that is quite affordable (despite needing another $150 for a Type Cover).
So, is it worth it? I hear a lot that 4GB of RAM is not enough, and while a fanless Core m3 sounds good, it will struggle. I disagree with some of that so here is some perspective from someone who uses one on a regular basis.

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May 12, 2017
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Very interesting and very helpful to those who are deciding if m3 version is worth it. Though a bit more of details about how m3 can handle tasks and last on battery would be good, something like a case study.

Anyway posts like these always motivate me to finally write a review of Surface Pro 4 after a year of using! I have the i5 4GB RAM version and I've heard a lot of people saying "that can't be enough.. sorry that's useless.." etc. but actually I've been more than happy. And I do use Adobe apps on it, especially Photoshop and Lightroom. And yes, there are some hiccups when you really try to do complicated stuff, BUT all the specs have to be considered, simply 4GB RAM doesn't feel the same at every machine and here it is really good, which has surprised me too to be honest.

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