Whom could I use or where to unlock a T-Mobile 925?


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Dec 22, 2011
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hey guys anyone knows where i can get my tmo 925 unlock? i cant call tmo and request code cause i dont have tmo i bough the phone from a guy thanks u


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Sep 30, 2012
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There are a huge array of online services that you could use - or there will be good services via a shop near you that will be able to provide codes for you. The online ones, at least, you sometimes have to wait for a few days to get the code. One that I've used in the past is www.cellunlocker.net


Jun 30, 2014
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Cellunlocker.net was a nightmare first after purchase of the code it said 5 to 12 days ( fine ) than about day 7 I get an email saying they couldn't find a code they would have to look in another data base. So i called to verify this. The guy answers after being on hold for 30 mins and says they couldn't get a code. Immediately I was like really because the email i got said other wise ( explaining i wasn't worried about the time frame just was concerned about the email ) and now shocked by his quick answer without knowing why i was calling i was taken back and said ok than what is this other data - I really never got an answer but i explained that the phone was blocked on the T mobile network ( not black listed ) from being used on T mobile network - that I bought it on Ebay( won it ) and did not plan on using in the U.S ( country of origin ) let alone the company ( T mobile) ..He took my info and quickly came back and was yeah we can't unlock it because it's blocked! My response was bwhaha I just now told you this ! So this is not the reason ! Sound like pure laziness and wasted my time I got an immediate refund but will not use them again ! Sounded very amateurish and unprofessional


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Jul 11, 2013
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Here's what I've done successfully but requires patience. Sign up with T-Mobile ($40 or $50 plan) online and they will mail you a sim card for free (for me it was $57). I did all this online. Wait their 40 days, then chat with a rep online and request an unlock code. Once received (it took one day), call and cancel the account. This is somewhat painful as they will do everything to keep you. For me, it took about $100 to unlock, but except for the phone call, the process was painless and the cost was similar to an unlocking service which I've had no experience with but read all horror stories/posts online. I use Net10 and am now running on ATT's service, getting LTE with no issues. Good luck to you.

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