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why after 12/13/2016 update headset not working?

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yesterday i updated my 950xl software . today if i wanna listen to music via headset. they dont work. i tried different set but still.


New member
Jul 14, 2008
Give a soft reset a try and see if it helps. Power down the 950xl. Press and hold the power button and the down volume button until you feel TWO vibrations and then release so the phone can boot.

If this doesn't work, backup your phone and do a hard reset and restore and see what happens.

Some don't recommend doing a hard reset after an OS update but I do and have found the problems that others have I don't. Just saying.


New member
Nov 10, 2013
I just tried three different apps - Edge, Groove and Duolingo and everything seems to be working just fine on my Lumia 950. I am not sure what is the problem at your end.