Why am I wasting $20 a month on ChatGPT Plus when Bing Chat is free?


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May 7, 2023
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Totally disagree. Bing chat does not work at all well. Firstly you need to have a web page open or it complains like your grandmother saying their is no webpage open. The answers to questions from ChatGPT (Free option) are more clear, accurate and friendly. Using the Bing chat is as bad an experience as Bing search. The replies are usually useless, which is why Google is my search engine of choice. Bing chat provides similar bad responses. Possibly because it learned on Bing search which gave it a skewed view of the world. Bing chat also does not show the creativity of ChatGPT. It does not write stories, code, poetry and the response to a question is usually just a web page that you need to read through and is often not even relevant, where ChatGPT gives you the answer you are looking for. Yes ChatGPT on occassion gets it wrong, but less so than the Bing chat / Bing search. Bing chat is just the next line of badly implemented solutions from Microsoft. Even Windows is going for paid advertising. The only thing keeping Windows on my PC is the fact that gaming is still a Windows monopoly. Once Linux can credibly run games, it will be the end of Microsoft.

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