Why do you still use your Windows phone?

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Dec 17, 2013
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There's 0.1 percent of us left, but that 0.1 is still a decent number of people. Why are you still using your Windows phone?
It's clear that at this point: the only people left using Windows phones are crazy people. I'm a crazy person, and I'm happy to admit that. I absolutely love my Lumia 950 and HP Elite x3, and after using an iPhone 7 for a whole month, I couldn't wait to get back to my beloved Windows phone. But that got me wondering, why do you guys use Windows phone?

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Sep 1, 2012
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Why I use Windows phone
1) Extremely informative home page, many timesnever need to click into an app
a) I know when my next meeting is, where it is andif my next one is immediately after all from doing nothing more than going tothe home page
b) Weather temp straight from the tile
c) Separate mailboxes within outlook are all separatelypinnable to the home page and keep their own counters. Moreover, on the lock screen I can count separatelywork from home email and know thus which has come in and may be important
d) Anything I might want quick access to, contact orweb page or phone number is all pinnable to the start screen. So, when I do click I go straight to theimportant stuff, no swimming through sub menus.
e) I can make my icons on the home screen larger orsmaller to reflect their importance, ease of hitting them quickly, or the amountof information I want to have them give me in a glance. Every other OS gives you marketing icons sothe app makers can display their logos and colors. MS gives you that, but also gives you tilesthat fit YOU. It does both. That is a better design.
2) Cortana beats Siri in usefulness and she keepsgetting better
3) I will not use any phone that does not get updatesfrom the OS vendor. That leaves Apple, Googleand Windows. Since I absolutely havezero wish to submit my life to Google’s unethical behavior, I am left witheither Apple or Windows.
a) Windows has quick charging and OLED – Apple isstill trying to figure out if that works 4 years after I’ve been using it
b) Windows is adding more features per year thaneither Apple or Google. Many of thoseare so good they get copied (face recognition). Some things the others lead in, but MS constantly (month to month notjust year to year) works to improve its usefulness to me.
c) Onedrive beats other cloud services, handily. Every platform can use it and it’s incrediblyuseful.
i) And if you are an Office 365 subscriber (whichmuch of the world is) the cost beats the pants off of iCloud
4) The OS crashes maybe 1 or 2 times a year ifthat. A YEAR. The vaunted IOS system isn’t that good andplease don’t even mention Android reboots, they set records.
5) When the international security community callsAndroid “a security nightmare” you know you have a problem. When spy agencies and black hat communitiesjoke about how easy Android is to crack, you know you have a problem. Apple isn’t far behind. At one black hat conference one of thepresenters said about windows phone “if I didn’t have physical access to thedevice, I wouldn’t even bother trying”.
6) I don’t care about apps for the most part. I like exercise apps, banking, investing, butI have those. But much of what the worldneeds “apps” for Windows mobile has baked right in. I don’t need file explorer apps, or Scan to PDFapps, they are all built in (Office lens). Apps are one of those things you are told in the TV advertising that youall want, but when you get home you don’t use but a fraction of them and eventhen, are many of them really things to use on a phone? Most people don’t need 1000 apps let alonehalf a million. Selection is nice butseriously it’s also a pain to wade through hundreds of apps that do the samething trying to find one that fits you. Maybe people have too much time to burn but I just don’t want to siftthrough them all. Much of the time, likeAmazon I can just have Cortana find an item I want to buy, hit up the web pageand buy it and be done. Fast, easy andno stupid app to download. If I want newsI go to CNN or whatnot right with the browser, the same tool computers havebeen using to digest content for ages. Simple and done.
7) Notifications are fast, expandable and easy.
8) The design replicates Windows 10 so well that learningeither mobile or pc/tablet helps you understand the other. They are complimentary. That is effective use of technology in mybook. Bring cloud, work, home alltogether with a lower learning curve, easy access and using many of the samethemes (links on a home page) we’ve been working with for generations.
9) Isn’t it nice to watch Comcast, Verizon andDirectTV all battle for your dollars? Weabsolutely need more mobile options than just 2. I think knowing Roku battles Apple battlesChromecast means you have options and features and price where vendors areworking hard to make you want to do business with them. I know many feel that empowering MS isfeeding the great beast. But frankly inthe mobile market Android does not have enough competition. Apple works hard at it and, in my opiniondoes a really good job, focused as it is. But ideas have been spun up by all 3. We need them to be working up new ideas. And they need each other. (don’ttell them that) Security is harder toaccomplish than ever. Ideas are harderto execute and often 3 different approaches to implementing an idea serve themarket well. You get choices. You get new ideas. So, I think at least 3 vendors is good. Be nice if we could get 4 or 5.
10) Windows keyboard is really the bees knees. IOS isn’t bad but Windows is better. If you write a lot of email from your phone (Ido) it has an extremely positive effect on your productivity.
11) PRODUCTIVITY. In the end, all these elements, design, features, implementation cometogether to make me more productive. Iaccess and keep track of more work and home stuff with my phone in less timethan others. I know, because we oftenall respond to the same things on projects. I’m faster to know what’s going on, act on it, and get projects, peopleand processes moving forward than others are. Quite a few people wonder how I do it. It’s because the phone enables me to be faster. It delivers more information with lessinteraction, and takes up less of my time in maintenance and upkeep (heck I canwipe the phone and restore it from OneDrive in less time than ITunes canrestore an IOS device directly connected to a PC) which then makes me moreproductive.

So yes I prefer this phone OS over all the others. Could I be forced to Apple if Windows came toa stop? Yes, but I have used both, ownboth, and day to day with both at my disposal, highly prefer Windowsmobile. The benefits it provides me,every day, and that improve every few months, along with the fact that MSactually listens to the feedback and adds features every few months make thishands down an easy choice. Family alsouse it and easily see the value as well. For those who need the apps, I understand. But for me, using anything else would be astep down. Supporting the platformbrings more ideas to the marketplace, more competition to satisfy customers, andfuels every maker’s will to improve.

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