Why I went 'WTF' today because of WP sales...


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Mar 28, 2013
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Today I was talking with a friend at college and I picked my Lumia to show her a video of my boyfriend's dog. After she saw the video, she was like "OMG I LOVE THIS PHONE". I felt so happy at the moment that I could scream... until I heard from her: "I was about to bought this phone, but I didn't because the guy at the store told me to not buy this one because it doesn't have apps. So I picked the galaxy instead". AAAAAAAAAARGH! REALLY?

I mean... I had an android and I used a loooooot of apps and games, but now I miss nothing. All the apps that I need I have on my WP, if not official, I have excelente third-party options. Also I found a lot of interesting and smart games. What in the world make this sellers think that one person would not be happy with one Windows Phone because of some apps? This kind of excuse worked well to the haters years ago, but now... really? I can't see the point. Can you imagine how many times the sellers may have chaged people's mind?

I'm glad that Windows Phone is growing, but nobody seems to support the platform. So it just seems to me think that WP is doing this great job lately by itself.

(ok, i just wanted a chance to cry this. thanks for listening haha)


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Jun 4, 2012
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this is what pisses me off, when Nokia Lumia 900 was launched here in UK, one lousy company took its exclusivity and never even bothered to promote it. i went to the shop to buy it, i asked for it and the sales advisor was pushing iphone and galaxy s2 at that time. i wrote a letter to NOKIA, i tweeted and many thing else but no body cared. proud of wp doing well in its own merits

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