Why is it that after updates for Glance, Health and Fitness, Weather, Healthvault they are worse and have removed my features and capabilities?


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Sep 5, 2014
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Updates for Glance, Health and Fitness, Weather, Healthvault made worst my removing features

Microsoft recently made a number of updates to their appls (Glance, Health and Fitness, Weather, HealthVault etc) and everyone of them is worst and removes features and capabilities .

Glance removed my text information on the Glance screen. I had my name and a phone number to call in case it is found. I recently lost my phone and it was returned to me because of this information

In Health and Fitness the update made a change from Bing to MSM probably for marketing reasons. The impact was that it removed the capability to sync to HealthVault. The impact is that data that was collected with a lot of effort over a long period of time became useless.

In addition the updates now require that the apps be stored on the phone memory rather on the SD card. The impact is that the use the valuable phone memory.
The net result of the Microsoft smart ideas and the smart ? managers is that I had to remove all these apps and look for new apps from other developers, I am also looking to replace my Lumia 1320 phone with an Android or Apple phone. Of course once you go to something new and it works you never return.

It looks like Microsoft will never learn from their past mistake. They made the same mistake in the Microsoft Office for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 by removing a lot of features that used to be in Windows Phone 7 and 6 and even the old Windows CE.

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