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Why is Lumia 1320 having connectivity issues despite showing 3G and 4G?


New member
Nov 4, 2013
Lumia 1320 connectivity issue

As above my 1320 loses connectivity to WiFi and despite showing 3G/4G in the notification bar, I cannot send it receive data. I get the notice - we're having trouble getting data. WiFi horrors are available but I get the notice unable to connect to the wireless network. The only way to resolve is to reboot. This happens many times in a day and I miss many notifications in a day.

I'm running cyan. Any ideas?


New member
Apr 3, 2013
Re: Lumia 1320 connectivity issue

One thing to try before doing anything drastic is the following -

Turn on flight mode. Hold power button and volume down until the phone vibrates. The phone will restart. No data is lost. You may have to reset the time and date.

If flight mode is still on, turn it off.

See if that fixes things.