Why is my friend's 925 going absolutely beserk?



First of all. This is NOT my Lumia 925. I also don't know the first thing about Lumia phones. I have an Android phone and I am an Android app developer. A friend brought me her 925 today and showed me the issue that it has now (in the last 2 hours started having). Apparently it was having this same issue intermittent times, but now it has gotten to the point where it seems to be in a loop and is now out of control..

To what issue am I referring?
Rather than have me explain, please just see this video I uploaded:

ww*w.youtube.co*m/watch?v=ztjHWTJ3TfU (remove the *asterisks*)

Basically, the phone just keeps flickering, flashing and showing the 'Pull down to turn off' screen.

I figured it could be a Hardware issue. ex. Glass pushing too close to the screen, symptoms of her dropping it so many times. etc.

However seeing as I am not an expert with these phones and my expertise lies with Android phones. I decided to do the only thing I could do.
Reset the phone to factory defaults.

The typical. Press Power, Hold Volume Down, then Press Volume, Up -> Down, Power and then Volume down again.
Did not work as the phone would just turn off the moment I pressed the power button once (even at the *!* screen).

So I used the "Nokia Software Recovery Tool" which successfully connected to the phone (after a few attempts at rebooting the phone) and then the newest OS was installed, and successfully flashed. We also managed to get her important pictures off the phone, as the filesystem would mount successfully after many attempts at trying to get the PIN in (whilst the screen was flashing like crazy).

So, in short. What on earth is wrong with this phone? As a firmware flash did NOT remotely fix the problem?

Any ideas?


Thanks guys, she'll take it in tomorrow. It should still be under warranty. It's only about 8 months old.

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