why is the verizon touch pro so crappy?


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Aug 21, 2009
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my friend just got an htc touch pro for sprint running on boost mobile...

his phone is of twice the quality than the ones ive seen at verizon wireless...and i know for a fact the verizon one has less memory...

why is this?

excluding the touch pro... what other phone would anybody reccomend (besides a blackberry tour, storm, or 8830) that works well on verizon?

i am considering an Alias2 (yes im aware its not wm..)

i really want to ditch this blackberry 8830WE and get something else cuz im eligible for an upgrade...


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Aug 20, 2009
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Don't let that $$$ burn a hole in your pocket yet. It is an established fact that Vzn really screwed up their Touch Pro. Verizon has screwed up many phones that are and that aren't smartphones, which is a huge reason why I'd never switch to verizon. But there is hope! They are starting to do less screwing! And the Touch Pro 2 is about to come out, which should be an awesome phone for Verizon. Also the Omnia 2 is coming there too, which should be pretty nice considering the positive reaction my friend has with his current Omnia 1. And if you want a WM Standard phone on the cheap, check out the Ozone as I've heard pretty good things about that Vzn phone.



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Dec 26, 2008
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yeah, from what i hear the Ozone is quite amazing for a Standard device (excluding the lack of the 3.5 mm headphone jack). i have an omnia right now and its a pretty decent phone, the omnia 2 should be much better. my advice is to wait until the TP2 and the O2 come out,give each of them week or so and check out the reviews on them before deciding. I got a q9c the day it was released from VZW and it was the biggest mistake i ever made, the screen filled with dirt and the RAM was pathetic. if you think the touch pro is slow this thing was slower. had to spring for a omnia mid contract it was so bad.

As far as BB's., the tour is really nice but no wifi. the storm is due out soon and it is a much much much much much improved version (dont get the storm 1...all my friends with it have had alot of trouble)......and it has wifi (trust me...wifi is really handy to have).

Unfortunenly, you are in a release lull at vzw, wait a couple months and you will have some amazing phones to choose from, or go with the ozone or tour (a good decent phone, gets business done and looks cool).

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