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Why not get the "small" stuff right?


New member
Jul 26, 2013
I know that US and UK are key markets, but the smaller countries must be a big chunk of their userbase as well...
I get how something as comprehensive as Cortana is delayed or not coming at all, due to cost benefits of implementing it vs. the size of the potential user base.

But if I was sitting at MS and looking at the global market, I would still look for smaller improvements that would be relatively cheap to implement, and would give the users a better experience with the phone.

Mainly I'm thinking about the keyboard. MS boasts about having the best and fastest predictive keyboard and when I'm writing in english it greatly improves my experience and speed of writing.
However, even before 8.1 the danish keyboard was pretty bad. For example in danish we have something called "sammensatte ord" which basicly is words put together, for example "Weather forecast" is one word in danish "Vejrudsigt" but the dictionary has a lot of errors splitting word automatically, and one has to check again after writing a message. This seems to have been improved a bit in 8.1 but is still a problem. The biggest problem is that these words usually cannot be added to the dictionary manually for some reason.

Denmark (and many other countries) have been overlooked in pretty much every improvement in 8.1, and this is where I don't understand what MS is thinking. How hard can it be to develop the swipe functionality for every supported language?

I cannot understand the reasoning for not implementing the swipe keyboard in the smaller languages. I see more and more people around me in Denmark, and even though they probably haven't noticed that the functionality is missing, but I'm sure they would be happy to get the upgrade!

Get small improvements to the masses, and sell more phones in the rest of the world...!

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