Why Surface RT is enough yup "RT"

John Balacano

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May 2, 2013
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1. Its really perfect especially for students like me who just want typing documents and just getting simple task done(documents , powerpoint etc..)
2. there are now more and more useful apps on the store especially what I need (Netflix , iheartradio, and all)
3. The Browser is always there and it can access pretty much any site from Pandora - Facebook
4. And of course the purpose of buying a tablet is just a companion for your vast growing collection of tech gadgets since the day you bought one :p (at least of what I see)

Christian Kallevig

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Jul 20, 2013
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Well, I agree with you to a degree- for someone who is looking to use a Surface (or other tablet) mostly for typing and listening to internet radio, the higher resolution display and improved cameras are likely overkill and the $470 (with touch cover) price tag is more appealing than over $650 for the Surface 2... However, there is something to be said for the improved performance and multitasking abilities of Surface 2. RT is capable of doing whatever you want, true enough, but it will get bogged down from time to time, sometimes pretty badly.

I'd say if you already have an RT and are happy with it then it is absolutely enough. But if you don't yet own a Surface, Surface 2 is unquestionably the better machine, if only because it will rarely feel slow, and that counts for a lot in day to day use.

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