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why when micro knew soft and office depot niot help me .. you bastads 3 days no sleeep ocdd

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derrin DeYoung officedepot and you conspired to keep mee awake. I asked aboutnhoisa problem.. one of the support tyechs when I mention beieng lock out of of admin by retailadmin offficedopot couldn't hang up fast enough
3 3 33 3 3 3 days
\]no sleep no help and the key board cover sucks


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Nov 12, 2012
Just to be clear…

This is a fan based News and Discussion site. It is in no way run by Microsoft, Lumia or any developer.

derrin DeYoung officedepot

Derrin DeYoung's information appearing on the device means that Office Depot sold you a unit stuck in Demo Mode. Take it back to them so they can either remove Demo Mode or give you a new unit in a sealed box. The one you have was set up as a floor model.

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