Why you should consider switching to Opera's latest browser for Windows 10

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Dec 17, 2013
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I was asked to try Opera with new VPN, and ad-blocking features. Here is my experience as a non-Opera user thinking of switching.
Deciding which is the best web browser is a combination of features, performance, resource management and, what I have found, personal preference. In fact, that latter criterion is often the most important. People use the web browser that they started off on and rarely switch if only because doing so feels weird.
Opera has a very long history in the browser space starting off in 1994 and going through some significant changes especially in the last few years. Today, we're taking a look at the latest version of Opera for Windows, version 37 and 39 at their request. Not being a regular Opera user I like challenges, so I accepted their offer.
Personally speaking, my browsing habits include a mix of Chrome eighty percent of the time when on the desktop with Edge making up the last twenty percent. When on a laptop or mobile, however, I almost always lean on Edge. Like I said, browsing habits can be persnickety often without substantial justification for those decisions and that includes myself. I use Chrome out of practice, not philosophy or technical reasons.

So, how did I like using Opera 37 and 39 (developer) for the last week? Let's find out.

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