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Win 8.1 Dev Preview on Lumia 1020 - share your experience!

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Jan 9, 2012
Hi there folks,

I updated my Nokia Lumia 1020 to Win 8.1 Dev Preview when it became available some time back.

The Good:
  • All went well, loved some of the new features and of course Cortana.

The Bad:
  • Things were a bit laggy, especially when pulling up my contacts.
  • Also, not able to share articles via Twitter

Yesterday, my 1020 automatically started updating to the latest build (Windows Phone 8.10.12393.890) - - it erased everything in the process and although the process went fine, I had to essentially start from scratch, download all my apps. My settings were restored, and it knew what apps I needed to download. My start screen still looks the same.

Biggest pain point with latest update:
  • All of my Nokia apps seem to be lost! I cannot see nor download my Nokia Drive app and other Nokia apps.
  • The camera features look different, and I do not seem to be able to use my Nokia camera features (e.g. adjust focus etc).

What experiences have you had with WP 8.1 Dev Preview on YOUR Nokia Lumia 1020 folks??

​Please share!! Thanks. :sweaty:
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