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Windows 10 and C++ have gone rogue, what should I do?


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Windows 10 and C++ have gone rogue

Hello, yesterday i upgraded my laptop (core i7, GeForce 850M, 12GB RAM, ASUS) from windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The wins is good, but some of my games are not compatible with it, so i have made some changes at "properties/compatibility" of their shortcut icons. After a while, my lap got stuck for 1-2 mins, then back to normal. However, it is terrible that now i cannot play any game, because it said my lap misses "msvcp.dll 100" and "msvcr.dll 100". I searched for solutions on the Internet, which told me to download "vcredist_x64" to fix, but when i activate the file, wins 10 blocked it. I downloaded those file individually, and copy to the link "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" as indicated on the Internet.
Now i could not play anything, and could not run some programs neither. What should i do now, to keep all my files and keep using wins 10? I sincerely need it in urgent.
Thank you for your help

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