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Windows 10 Mobile is rolling out to Blu Win Jr LTE X 130e and HD LTE x150e in India


New member
Feb 12, 2014
ATT released the Win 10 mobile update for Lumia 1520's.

Yesterday I upgraded my ATT 1520 to win 10 and this morning to the latest build. I was surprised how much like Win 10 on my laptop and this version is worlds better than the Beta I tried for an hour last fall. I've dprnt today learning the OS and I really like it.

I did find one thing that did not migrate at all. My blocked call list. I had 8 or 10 numbers in the list in Win 8.1 and noine saved in Win 10! I know its a long shot but is there any way to recover them? If not then maybe others make a copy of the numbers to maybe manually enter them after the upgrade.