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Nov 14, 2012
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OK, I've been sitting on a Win 8 Pro upgrade since last year when I bought the ridiculously cheap upgrade for future use. I installed Windows 8 Pro last week to upgrade my Win 7 machine. Some things are different, and take getting used to, but, overall, I am enjoying what it brings. However, after an automated upgrade the other day, I came to my PC with a need to login in. I noticed that it wants to login into my Microsoft account (which is fine for the email and the apps via the app store), but it no longer has a PC account for which I have, and need, a different password. I now have to login to my home server and resave my credentials.

Too me, this is a problem. Apparently, from what I have seen (PLEASE...if there is a way around this...let me know!) this is to facilitate the logging in to the app store. This is absurd. I have a separate password for my Microsoft account for a reason. If someone in my family needs to login to my PC, which I have generally allowed on my account (for simplicity sake), I have to fork over a password that I do not want to share. I don't understand why MS can't simply disable app store, outlook email, and restricted app access to the PC until a separate login occurs for those.

Anyone with any insight into why this is and if this is the same in 8.1, including any workarounds, would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have to create another account on my PC, and then manage it, just to keep my passwords separate like this. I'll do what I must, but this just seems like a dumb thing to do.

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