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Mathias Lindberg

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Sep 11, 2013
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Here are two beautiful Windows Phone applications with their own twists on the Modern UI design language:


You can argue all you want that Windows Phone and Windows isn't lacking apps and that developer support is "on the way", but if you're someone like me who actually cares about a wide variety of applications, developer support and the quality of the applications in the Windows / Windows Phone Store, you damn well know that there's a huge lack of quality software.

Microsoft wants to nail the hardware, but I think software is so much more important. Their hardware doesn't sell because people don't understand "hardware". If you tell them your product has all the things they need in software, they don't care if it has 12 processors or more RAM than the last model.

I recently started using the App Studio Beta tool to create some simple applications, and while it doesn't produce the most beautiful applications and the web interface is not great for a drag-and-drop-like tool, it's a huge step closer to gaining indie developer support. If a small company, restaurant or blogger can create an application for their service in almost no time without any knowledge or effort, that's huge.

As a Surface owner, Windows RT and even Windows 8 (Modern UI) badly needs something like this. There needs to be some sort of tool for people to create applications without much effort, especially since applications (apparently) don't scale as beautifully across Windows Phone and Windows RT/8 as Microsoft says it does.

If an individual with a passion for design, can create beautiful unofficial or official applications for services like Facebook, Instagram or their own blog/service, without any knowledge in the field of coding, that's going to make Windows (Modern UI) software worth something.


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May 25, 2011
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I have thought about dabbling in this as well. What skills do you have for making an app? or is it all "virtualized" in the App program :)

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