With Surface Centaurus, can Microsoft avoid Samsung's Galaxy Fold mistakes?

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Dec 17, 2013
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Samsung's Galaxy Fold has re-emerged after a difficult delay, alongside high-profile problems with its generation-one folding display. Will Microsoft's Surface "Centaurus" suffer the same problems?
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is among the first in a new wave of foldables expected to dominate tablet and phone innovation over the next decade. Notoriously, the Fold was also plagued with launch issues, with early review units failing relatively easily under a variety of average smartphone user scenarios.
After some engineering tweaks, Samsung started sending out review units once again, and early impressions seem to be relatively positive. Our sibling site Android Central has covered how Samsung improved the design of the flexible display in-depth.
Despite the improvements, the Galaxy Fold still screams "generation one" device to me, something only passionate enthusiasts will likely buy. I had to convince myself not to buy it, because as faulty as it's likely to be over time, there's something so incredibly compelling about it. Something Surface fans have been dreaming about for a couple of years, in fact, since the first "Surface Phone," or "Andromeda," patents started appearing online.
Nowadays, Andromeda seems like little more than a pipedream. But Microsoft isn't about to let Samsung and other Android OEMs have all the foldable fun, and it is readying its own folding Surface "Centaurus" tablet, according to rumors. Can Microsoft avoid the gen-one woes that have scared me away from the Galaxy Fold?

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