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Wolfenstein: The New Order storms Xbox One and 360, Max: Curse of Brotherhood lands on 360


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Dec 17, 2013

Last week was a dry week as far as retail Xbox game releases. But both Xbox One and 360 got the phenomenal downloadable puzzle/shooter Super Time Force, so nobody should have complained too much. All of you FPS guys need to step out of your comfort zone and give it a try ? you won?t be disappointed. Oh, but First-Person Shooter fans do have reason to celebrate this week. ..
Wolfenstein: The New Order from Bethesda and Machine Head Games has finally arrived on the Xbox One and One! The latest entry in the series that basically started the FPS genre (yes, it preceded Doom and even Call of Duty!) is a single-player tour-de-force. And Xbox 360 gamers have a more lighthearted downloadable game to play now - Max: the Curse of Brotherhood. Read on for details and exclusive Wolfenstein screenshots!

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