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Mar 11, 2012
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Most of you know that Xbox Gold Family accounts are going away. They will be splitting the accounts to individual and adding 3 free months to each one. I just wanted to share what I did to extend each account. I removed one account from the family and bought 2 years of gold for it. Then, I rejoined the family and it added 12 months to my current family gold plan. So once Microsoft splits the family, each should have the original time remaining plus the new 12 months added and the 3 free months. This way I don't have to buy individual gold plans for 4 members for a while. By then, I should have an Xbox One anyway.

I think I saved some money...will do math later. :excited:

Anyone who wants to do something similar should act quickly because according to the email I got, the splitting will start on the 27th of August.



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Jul 26, 2011
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The Math was there, but that math was always there during the whole entire program.

In the past: You pay for 24 months onto an account, it halves it to one year, but you get it for 4 people (respectively doubling the time). (So you paid for 2 years, and got 4 people each one year).

Same case, just one last hurrah! paid for 24 months, put it into the account and got 50% (12 months for 4 accounts tied together) the end you now have 4 accounts each with 1 year and the 3 month kicker that MS threw in for free.

So yes, you get 2 years of Live for Free (A $80 savings if you shop for deals; a $120 savings if you just blindly pay MSRP, haha)

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