Xbox lead Phil Spencer pledges to build 'high-quality' first-party games, including single player

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Dec 17, 2013
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The central criticism of Xbox of late revolves around its first-party exclusive game offering, which appears to lag behind its primary rival.
Microsoft's Xbox has been struggling to keep pace with Sony's PlayStation 4 this generation, after a dismal reveal of the original Xbox One back in 2013. Since launching a weaker system back then, Microsoft has reclaimed the power argument with the Xbox One X, which is the most powerful video game console ever made. Xbox Live continues to lead the way for speed and reliability too, and the Xbox One OS has a wealth of features, apps, and services, that arguably beat Redmond's rivals. Where Xbox continues to struggle, however, pertains to games.
Sony has been absolutely crushing it with their in-house lineup, producing a vast amount of high-quality, often photo-realistic games that launch to critical acclaim. Microsoft on the other hand has focused primarily on less flashy experiences more recently, with indie games like Cuphead, "AA" titles like ReCore, and titles like Sea of Thieves, which rely on multiplayer mayhem over raw content.
Speaking on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer acknowledged the criticisms of Xbox's game line-up, vowing to provide Xbox fans with high-quality and diverse experiences that "customers deserve."

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