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Sep 22, 2012
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Can someone help me with this scenario? I have one XBOX live family pack with four family members. I have two XBOX 360 consoles that I plan to keep but I do plan to get an XBOX ONE this year. In order to not lose the kids ability to play online with friends for the old games do I have to basically purchase four XBOX individual live gold memberships? If I don't, what happens to the kids accounts on the 360's? Do they just revert to silver accounts? Help!


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Jul 26, 2011
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No one can speak for sure since nearly everything with the Xbox One is still speculation... But there are some details out about this. 1st, I'll start with "facts" or at least things reported like facts.

The switchover will begin from August 27, when each activated account in your Gold Family Pack will convert to an individual Xbox Live Gold membership.Each new individual membership will have the same amount of time remaining on it as your Gold Family Pack does at the time of conversion. But on top of that Microsoft will be adding a bonus three months to each account.

Xbox One Home Gold account shared amongst family | Metro News

Based on what I am reading, your worst fears ARE true...if you wish to all play games on LIVE, you only need 1 Gold Account per console...the Gold member marks it as his "home console" and it unlocks Gold for all of you. However, if you then want to go and play a 360 game, all but the paying member will lose their access.

I think that is just a failure in the old 360 gaming model. When you had to have Guest accounts play online for split screen and everything....

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