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XP-Pen Artist 22 PC drawing tablet review: Digital art as easy as it is fun

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Dec 17, 2013

The XP-Pen Artist 22 (Gen 2) is a great drawing tablet for beginners, hobbyists, and veterans.
To preface, I'm by no means a professional artist, but I've done plenty of dabbling over the years. In a past life, I had aspirations of being an animator, and occasionally still do projects in Adobe Animate and drawing apps like Sketchable. Historically, I've used Surface devices as my primary drawing tool, even if drawing on glass always felt a little off for someone used to paper. But like anything, it takes practice to adjust to a new hobby, and digital art is no exception.
That being said, I was surprised how easy it was to get to grips with my first ever dedicated drawing tablet, the XP-Pen Artist 22 (2nd Gen).
Here's a hobbyist's perspective on how XP-Pen makes digital art easy with this truly awesome product.

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