Yellow Rogers Lumia 920 disaster


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Sep 6, 2012
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So not sure how many of you held out for a yellow one from Rogers but I did a device reservation for one. I already have the black 920 but intended on passing it down to my g/f and then grabbing the yellow one since that's the one I wanted anyway.

Yesterday I got the delivery notification that it was at my local Rogers store for pick up. I walk over, the guy grabs the phone with my name on it and begins working on my upgrade transaction. I notice it's taking him an extremely long time to give me the phone. He pulls out a paper app and starts manually filling it in saying the device isn't in the system so he has to enter it manually. Then he picks up the phone and calls a Rogers rep to explain what he's doing. Instead of telling me what the **** is going on and why I'm standing there for 30 min, him and the rep start talking about what's the hot seller of the day, how the weather is and anything else but trying to get me the phone and out the door. I stood there for 45 min, not knowing what is going on and the Rogers guy hangs up the phone and says he's giving me a case #. I said "A case # for what?!" He tells me the phone isn't in the system yet so I'm not getting the phone today but will call me when I can pick it up. Obviously I'm super confused and couldn't help but become agitated. He explains that the case has to be created which takes a few days then resolved, and after a few more days I can come back and pick up the phone. So my question is how the heck does a company offer a phone that it can't sell to anyone?! He says the whole problem is becaue the yellow one isn't in the system. He apparently can't enter it the same as a black one, a red one or white one. This all boils down to the problem being the fact that it's the yellow one. And of course I can pay full price and buy it out if I want. No thanks.

Anyway I realise I'm venting but did anyone else successfully walk out of the store with one yesterday on an upgrade? I saw at least another 10 people on the reservation list so I'm others must be in the same boat.

RJ Priest

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Feb 13, 2013
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Unbelievable. I'm not saying that Bell would be any better, but this is just another reason why I am so dissapointed with Rogers exclusivity and refuse to switch carriers to Rogers. In general, I tend to hear more complains about customer service with Rogers than with Bell. Had the 920 been available on Bell or unlocked at the Microsoft store, I would have been a day 1 920 buyer. I'm torn between using my brother's Rogers account to purchase a white 920 from Rogers to use on Bell, or wait and see for an announcement of the 920 successor.

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