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You should really consider a pre-built gaming PC on Prime Day

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Dec 17, 2013
Prebuilt PCs are not always the way to go. The enthusiasts out there are scoffing at "not always," but the truth is it's not so bad these days to go that direction. Graphics cards have been in a rut for a couple years now. Supply and demand just isn't catching up, and other prices are suffering as a result as well. Where once it was a no-brainer building your own PC because the individual parts were so much cheaper, that's not always the case now.
That's especially true if you want one of the newest cards. Many retailers reserve new cards like the Nvidia 30xx series for prebuilds, which means it's often one of the few ways you can guarantee you even get one of those cards without showing up at the store at 6 a.m. or scouring Twitter for the next shipment or setting up some alerts on your phone or whatever.

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