Your Excel spreadsheets are about to get a lot richer


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May 9, 2012
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That is good and will help with presentation on some data types. Funny to see this article today though, as our team just re-posted feedback to MS on Excel earlier this morning. There are two big complaints we have with Excel (as people who use it nearly every day, and must acknowledge that it has no equal in terms of functional power -- Google Sheets is not even close to being a substitute, like comparing a rusty unicycle missing its seat to a jet):

1. No Dark Mode for the document/worksheet window (Word, Outlook, and Teams all perfectly support Dark Mode for their document windows)

2. No per-workbook undo. It is just mind-bogglingly bad that Excel, in 2023 only has an application-wide Undo. This means if you have multiple spreadsheets open and have made changes in more than one, Undo will force you to remove changes in order, not just to the one you are currently using. Imagine if this occurred in email windows or Word documents. Inexcusable. MS claims that this is because there could be linked spreadsheets, but that's a BS response.

Personally, I'd prefer they fix longstanding problems and missing features that have garnered massive requests on their feedback board over adding new features like improved PivotTables. But, an improvement is still an improvement, and PivotTables are an important strong suit with Excel, so thanks, MS.
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