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    How can I stop this? Has anyone else had this problem? I had the same thing happen with my htc fuze, but this only happens sometimes. I'd say about 50 percent of the time when I reply to a text message it will get marked as old and 50 percent it will say as new.

    This is very annoying because after 10 minutes I'll have a bunch of new texts built up that i have already seen and need to go through one by one and wait for it to make it old.

    Someone help please
    10-02-2009 11:05 AM
  2. tester24's Avatar
    Are you answering them through the TF3D interface (the black screen) which pops up the small reply window. Or are you actually going to the all messages and answering?

    I found out that if you scroll through the all messages (you can get to it by selecting the message on TF3D then on the lower left should be the all messages hit that) then you will see the unopened enveloped next to the message select the message and then it should go away. A pain in the butt but I am not sure how to disable this otherwise.
    10-12-2009 08:22 AM
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    Here's a new problem. I've cleared all messages out of the Text messaging box yet one is still listed on the touch flo screen. When I select the text button nothing is there. I've tried to clear it out on the touch flo side and the regular text messaging side with no changes. I've turned touch flo off and rebooted the phone and turned it back on and its still there. When I go into the SMS side one a message show as there, but when I select it nothing is actually there. Any ideas? Do I need to do a hard reset to get rid of this?
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    11-07-2009 04:17 PM