1. bryonp's Avatar
    i was just wondering if you were going to put up like a tips and tricks tread for the nice people here or like a wallpaper tread,ringtones just wondered i didnt know if we were aloud to on these forums. also can we post software cabs like the sent message disabel cab.
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    10-05-2009 09:18 AM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Absolutely Yes to all the above please do. I will add all the good stuff to the FAQ. I want you guys to start these threads I don't want to have all the fun. :)
    10-05-2009 06:46 PM
  3. bryonp's Avatar
    how do i post a cab file to this forum? or ringer's etc.
    10-06-2009 08:37 AM
  4. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Select go advanced at the bottom next to quick post then towards the bottom of the page you will see manage attachments select that and follow the instructions. I think you have to have 10 posts before you can add an attachment.
    10-06-2009 08:56 AM
  5. bryonp's Avatar
    Thanks big d5 for letting us have this tread as soon as i get my posts up ill start submiting software to the forum hey can you make the tips tricks tread that was already made a sticky and make sure people dont ask questions in there so it doesnt get all garbled uo with crap we can have a seperate anwser's tread for that.but that is up to you how you want to do it but i think who ever posts the info should explain how to use it best they can or put a link so they can read the information on there own.
    10-06-2009 02:24 PM
  6. bryonp's Avatar
    thanks i just posted my first one ;)
    10-06-2009 02:39 PM
  7. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Thanks for the contributions everyone this is really shaping up nicely keep up the great work. :)

    PS: Remember no WAREZ
    10-06-2009 06:45 PM
  8. bryonp's Avatar
    heres a dumb ? what the heck is warez, and can you make this a sticky thanks, Tips,Tricks & Tweaks
    10-06-2009 08:26 PM
  9. Dave Blake's Avatar
    heres a dumb ? what the heck is warez, and can you make this a sticky thanks, Tips,Tricks & Tweaks
    Basically any software that you need a Key, or Serial number or code for. If you paid for it you can not share it here.

    Stuck :D:D:D
    10-06-2009 08:34 PM
  10. bryonp's Avatar
    thanks for the sticky,i hope this forum gets more life in it its so dead.
    10-06-2009 08:52 PM
  11. kxs783kms#WP's Avatar
    heres a dumb ? what the heck is warez...
    +1.....I need to get with the lingo.
    10-07-2009 12:07 AM