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    AT frickn last.... I have done it PROBEXDESIGN is live and ready for action.
    http://probex.ca the new intro will lead to either my online race site or the new theme store. Run .. buy yourself a Touch Pro 2 and join the crew.

    Shouts to....
    Vin Rock- my... partner in this
    D/\SH- of smartphonejunkie.com
    Demonchild- of smartphonejunkie.com
    Adam- of pocketnow.com
    HTC and Windows Mobile
    XDA Developers

    These themes work with every providers release of the TP2/Rhodium in one easy .cab install GSM or CDMA It fixs any clock to a flip clock it removes the nasty orange icons from Sprint. it fixs the background for all tabs without any kind of hack has different walls for Port and Landscape. Dialer is fully skinned on all 3. Keyboards anything that could be skinned is skinned. The Home screens are fully functional on all providers nothing is not working everything looks nice and it is all one .cab per theme... no more 40 cabs to get a almost skinned interface. More themes will be available soon I have 2 more in progress. Windows 6.5 skins and TF 2.5-2.6 skins coming soon as well. Enjoy it has been a long haul to get here but the days is at last upon us.
    10-13-2009 02:43 PM