1. clitrenta's Avatar
    Anyone on here have a TP2 from T-Mobile? I was looking for some user reviews on that particular one. Thanks
    10-27-2009 09:51 AM
  2. JonFolse#WP's Avatar
    Hopefully Ill recieve mine tomorrow :)
    10-27-2009 12:40 PM
  3. clitrenta's Avatar
    Hopefully Ill recieve mine tomorrow :)
    Cool. Let me know your first day's impression of it. Thanks
    10-28-2009 09:02 AM
  4. bluevmax92's Avatar
    i have mine and am liking it. i have big fingers and am still liking the phone. i just wish i could find the "goldmine" of software all in one spot to update the touchflo3d software and of course i want my 6.5 update to be official and released from microsoft, not a cooked up version. i am patiently waiting...... for now, the phone stays on the hip with no returns looming in my head. I LOVE IT! BTW TRAPSTER works great on it. www.trapster.com supercool cop speed trap reporting software.
    11-06-2009 09:19 AM