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    Opera Mobile Fixes - Show up in Task Manager, Disable Push, and Close with X

    Hey everyone. I have been on this forum for a few months, but I have not been a regular contributor. I apologize for that. On to the meat:

    There are a few "fixes" floating that are fairly commonly requested for the TP2. This application combines these "fixes" into one cab file for convenience.

    1. Close with X fix
      - Creates a DWORD in Registry under key "HKCU\Software\HTC\TaskManager\TerminateProcess" for "Opera9.exe" and sets value to "1"
      Post found here:LINK
      * Go to: HKCU\Software\HTC\TaskManager\TerminateProcess
      * There, create a DWORD with the name Opera9.exe value "1"
    2. Show up in Task Manager Fix
      Post found here:LINK
      * Go to: HKCU\Software\HTC\TaskManager\ExclusiveList\System
      * There delete Opera9.exe (now it will show in the task manager)

    There are two different cab files attached

    1. Push Disabled - Keeps Opera9.exe from opening on startup and running constantly in background (thanks TinTin) - see original post here.
    2. Push Enabled - Does not include TinTin's push disable.
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    12-15-2009 09:03 AM
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    Does this work on the Touch Pro 1? I tried the disable cab on the a friends TP1 and it didn't seem to work. Is there a different cab for the touch pro 1. I searched Google, PPCGeeks and here but could not find a fix for the TP1.

    It worked fine on my TP2. Thanks!
    12-17-2009 01:29 PM