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    I just did this tonight and it worked without a hitch. If you have an HTC Touch Pro2 from Verizon and want to use your own SIM card while travelling abroad (or even on a domestic GSM provider i.e. AT&T), follow these steps:

    1. On TouchFLO 3D, scroll to the Settings tab and click the left soft button for All Settings.
    2. Click on the Personal tab at the bottom.
    3. Click on the Phone icon.
    4. Go to the Network tab and select GSM/UMTS only from the drop down menu.
    5. At this point, although your phone won't register a network or get reception to make any calls (other than emergency calls), you can hit the Phone/Send button and dial: *#06#
    6. The system will automatically display your IMEI number. Write this number down.
    7. Call VZW Global Support (1-800-711-8300) and select the option for technical support.
    8. Tell the representative you will be travelling abroad and would like to unlock your SIM. You may or may not be asked for your IMEI number (they should have it on file) after which you will receive the unlock code.
    9. On TouchFLO 3D, scroll to the Settings tab and click the left soft button for All Settings.
    10. Click on the Personal tab at the bottom.
    11. Click on the Security icon.
    12. Enter the unlock code you were provided.
    13. Click on the Phone icon (next to Security under Settings -> Personal tab)
    14. Go to Network tab.
    15. Choose GSM/UMTS only.
    16. Click on the GSM/UMTS tab, click on Band, and hit Get Settings and you'll find various band options depending on where you will be travelling.
    17. To switch back to the Verizon network, select Global from the Network tab.

    (Many thanks to Chuong Nguyen at pocketnow.com for this guide)
    01-27-2010 11:08 PM
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    Um, just calling them will do the trick. As long as you are either 'an international business traveler with a business account' or any account holder in good standings for 180 days, they will unlock you simply by calling global support...

    The walk through menu thing is great, but they will walk you through it on the phone as well.
    01-27-2010 11:32 PM
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    Yes and no...the first time I tried calling, I got an incompetent rep. She told me that there would be no way to unlock it before leaving the US and that I'd have to wait to go abroad and then call the Verizon international number...which is totally inaccurate. It wasn't until I googled afterwards that I realized she was wrong.

    The reason she thought this was because the GSM/UMTS settings tab is normally greyed out while in CDMA mode, and she had wanted me to access a setting in that menu; a.) That menu is easily accessible just by changing the Network type (step 4 in OP) and b.) the setting she wanted me to access (PIN/PIN2) was irrelevant for SIM unlocking anyway.

    So yes, VZW should be able to unlock with a simple phone call, but in case you experience an incompetent rep like I did, hopefully Googlers will find this thread and it will come in handy :)
    01-28-2010 07:31 AM