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    I've been doing some research online about this phone for a the last couple of days and wanted to ask some question. I recently called AT&T to cancel, phone issues, and they are going to work with me to keep me, blah blah. They are offering me the TP2 for 89.99 new. I looked around online and think the phone looks great and will do everything that I want. I went into the local AT&T store to look at the phone and the sales guy did everything he could to talk this phone down. He stated that it was slow and sluggish, didn't have that many apps and was only good for business. Then he went on to rave about the iPhone and how much better it was. My question, and I think I know the answer but wanted to ask some people who own the phone, is this guy an ***** and just trying to push the iPhone because it's an iPhone?

    I'm a software engineer so I'll use the phone more than the average user I expect. I'm not an Apple fan so the iPhone is not an option for me.
    02-21-2010 09:49 PM
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    The stock rom can be a little sluggish but if you are tech savvy (sounds like you are and then some) you can go to XDA-developers, unlock it and flash a cooked rom which improves the speed alot. As far as applications go you will find alot of applications both free and paid that will suit you needs. The guy at the store is just repeating all the hype he has heard and likely has never used a WM phone. I love mine and even with the recent announcments of wp7s I am happy I bought it. you can get some great help and advice here and XDA to help you get the most from your phone.
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    02-23-2010 08:29 AM
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    I bailed out of ATT because their service plain sucks for me and I'll stop my rant there.

    I have spent less than 12 hrs with the TP2 (Verizon) and I like it. I had been using an ATT Tilt and a Treo Pro in the past, all with WM 6.1. The HTC Touchflo interface takes some time getting used to, since it literally takes over a lot of tasks, overriding the way I used to set up stuff in the past in WM6.1.

    If you are a software engineer that likes to fiddle with computer settings then most definitely the platform of choice is WM.
    02-24-2010 01:31 PM
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    I'm a newbie to the TP2 however I have used the iphone but mostly Blackberrys. The iPhone is iconic and has every app you can dream up. However the phone is not for everyone and I personally found Blackberry to be better suited to my needs.

    However, recently I had become disillusioned with Blackberry and all their outages. So I decided to give the T-Mobile branded TP2 a try.

    So far I am very happy with it. The keyboard is awesome and even the on screen keyboard works well. The Touch Flo interface is a nice touch and I find it easy to use.

    As for the device being sluggish that has not been my experience in the short time I been using it. It responds pretty quickly to any task I am using, phone quality is great as well.

    My only compliant is th size and weight of the device. Its large by today's standards and heavy ... yet I have adjusted to this without too many issues.

    If you use the devie for business and want a solid phone with great Internet access and reasonable amount of apps give it a try.

    Just my thoughts - :)
    02-24-2010 04:16 PM