1. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Well it finally happened after tuns of near misses the big one occurred. I was walking through the warehouse when the phone rang I reached in to my pouch to retrieve my TP2. I pulled it out and went to swing my arm up so I could see the screen and it slipped out of my hand. That's rite I literally through my TP2 it flew about 3-4 feet away from me no chance to catch it with my foot like I had done so many times before no not this time. It hit the concrete floor and flew in to peaces the back came off the battery went flying the styli and SD card came out as well. Another gentleman passing buy said wow that sucks. He was rite I had cracked the case so bad that one of the hinges had come out of the track leaving the slide track cracked. Thanks to Sprints TEP I was able to call it in on Saturday and My new TP2#2 arrived today.

    I have had my TP2 the original since the first week they were released that means that that TP2 lasted longer than any PPC/Phone I have had since I got rid of my PPC 6700.

    RIP TP2#1

    03-29-2010 08:20 PM
  2. kraski's Avatar
    From what you've said, if I were a phone, I'd probably have decided you were too dangerous to hang around. :rolleyes:
    03-30-2010 08:46 AM