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    OK, today is ask a lot of questions day!! As you know when you open apps, use them or not, then close, they stay available in the background. Go to Task Manager and close them and free up a small bit of memory. I checked my available memory a few times after using Task Manager and there was still a lot being used. I do a soft reset and gain back on average 37-40Mbs of memory. That to me is a lot of memory being used when all apps are closed. Is there an app to allow you to free up that memory without doing reset? I use Sprite Backup and have a scheduled backup every day at 2AM. It does a soft reset after backup so the memory is cleared then, but during the day sometimes I need to perform the same function (without the backup of course). I tried a tweak I found on the forum. It was from xda developers. When I tap on the soft reset button, it hard reset my device. Tried it several times with same results so I don't know if it is conflicting with something I have installed or not. Has anyone else had the same problem with that xda tweak?
    04-15-2010 09:50 AM
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    Can't help you on that XDA tweak. I must have missed that one. But look at CleanRAM, also at XDA, & MemMaid. I usually run both, along with the memory cleaner in SKTools. The combination of the three does a pretty good job of keeping things running smooth. MemMaid is the only one you'll need to pay for. But the features are worth it.
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    04-15-2010 05:51 PM
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    Hey Kraski, thank you. I installed CleanRam and it is exactly what I needed. I like the fact you can adjust it to what you want to do. It might be my imagination but my TP2 seems a lot snappier switching between apps, opening apps etc. Thanks again :D:D:D
    04-18-2010 12:15 PM