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    My Tour is slowly dying and I have a good amount of time before I'm eligible to upgrade on Sprint. Looking at purchasing a used TP2 on eBay, wondering what this community thinks of their devices. Am I nuts, or is WM 6.5 enough to use for a year or so without being totally unsupported. Haven't used WM since my Axim x51v/Treo 700w, so it will be a major switch for me. With that said, I do like to tinker, and really enjoyed my experiences in the past. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    03-18-2011 03:08 PM
  2. cdook's Avatar
    I'd hold out if you can. I've had a few friends who had WM6.5 and hated it. They found is slow, unstable and crashy. I came from having a Tour and I have to say WP7 is worth the wait.

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    03-18-2011 06:04 PM