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    I just bought a Fuze and now I'm looking for a case/skin to protect my baby. :) Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for a case that I don't have to flip open to use my device.

    Here's what I've found so far:

    Clear case from boxwave. How well would this survive a drop?

    Black Silicone skin. The skin also covers the front buttons, so I'm not sure how that may effect the responsiveness of those buttons.

    This case from sprint looks like the front runner for me from an accessibility and protection perspective. Does anyone know if the dimensions of the Sprint Touch Pro and AT & T Fuze are exactly the same? I'm concerned that if they're a little off, this may not fit the fuze.

    11-13-2008 10:42 AM
  2. jknuckey's Avatar
    So is the consensus of the group that they prefer their Fuze/Touch Pro naked?
    11-15-2008 12:27 AM
  3. jknuckey's Avatar
    Continuing this thread with myself... :)

    I dropped by the sprint store today, and the customer rep was nice enough to open up the package so I could try their touch pro case on my fuze. It didn't fit. With the added chrome/plastic bezel around the sprint touch pro, it is bigger in length/width than the fuze. The sprint touch pro also has a smooth back instead of the fancy jagged back of the fuze, which makes the fuze a tad thicker...

    I hope AT&T comes out with a similar hard case as what sprint has. Until then, I think I'll wait...
    11-15-2008 11:15 PM
  4. TVDinner's Avatar
    I have done a bunch of research on this as I ALWAYS have some sort of case. Personally I hate pouches or anything that I have to take the unit out of to view. Here is what I found so far. I am not sure which I will go with, but am continuing to do research.

    ) Noreve case really upscale and nice. Like a Coach case almost. $45
    Video of this case - http://www.noreveusa.com/static_cont...contents_id=10

    2) Flip like case - http://www.proporta.com/F02/PPF02P05...257&t_mode=des $35

    3) Mobile Brando Cases and covers
    http://mobile.brando.com.hk/prod_det...39&cat_id=1149 interesting

    4) **** http://www.seidioonline.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2760 They have REALLY nice stuff, but nothing for either one of our phones yet, BUT you can sign up for updates on when they release the new stuff. check this company out for your phone.

    5) Interesting also - Touch - http://www.boxwave.com/products/easy...ories_3315.htm
    Fuze - http://www.boxwave.com/products/acti...-fuze_3349.htm AND http://www.boxwave.com/products/armo...-fuze_3349.htm

    6) ** http://www.thepocketsolution.com/spr...cessories.html - SCROLL DOWN AND CHECK OUT THE Sprint Touch Pro Black Aluminum Metal Case

    7) A LOT OF OPTIONS HERE - http://www.wirelessground.com/sprinttouchpro.html

    8) http://www.touchdepot.com/ - pick you model and see what they have
    11-29-2008 01:23 PM
  5. George Ponder's Avatar
    With the sliding keyboard, I don't know how good a skinned case would be.

    I'm looking at a few cases that are compatible with the Fuze and will have a review up shortly but as it stands now, the Body Glove horizontal case is leading the pack.
    11-29-2008 04:26 PM
  6. nmoreman's Avatar
    Has anyone tried the full body Invisible Shield?
    Do you lose any sensitivity on screen?

    I had this on Instinct, felt wierd but actually helped sensitivity to control push scroll (didn't fly by everything)

    Silicone case looks huge and wieldy, always good to have carry case but looking for something everyday. Anyone???
    11-30-2008 07:07 AM