1. tostler's Avatar
    I am unable to successfully log into Live Mesh from my Sprint Touch Pro.
    The message I receive is:
    Connection to Live Mesh Failed
    Unable to validate the user on Live Mesh. Please check your connection settings and Retry, or Cancel to exit.

    Well, my Live Mesh account is active. I've validated my log-in, version, etc. I even downloaded the client and reinstalled. I'm half tempted to preform a hard reset and install this as one of the first apps. My hazy memory tells me I had a problem installing it the first time so there may be some residual crap in the registry that MemMaid has been unable to clean.

    Anyone else have an issue with Live Mesh authentication with the Touch Pro/Fuze?
    12-17-2008 05:08 PM
  2. TopDog's Avatar
    First time it runs, it cant share the data connection with any other app. Since Im using push-mail, that was a bit difficult. So I turned off the phone, and enabled WiFi.

    VOILA, it would register my device. After that I could turn on the phone again and use it with 3G.
    It's a stupid stupid bug, but once you get passed it, it's all good ;)
    12-18-2008 03:37 AM
  3. tostler's Avatar
    Nope. Still didn't work.
    I turned everthing off except Wi-fi and it bombed out at the same place (validating user). It's not a critical thing, I have enough computers and enough methods to allow me to get to the cloud so I'm just annoyed at this time but MAN! I wish I could get it to work.
    12-18-2008 02:17 PM