1. bioart#WP's Avatar

    Coming from a palm OS, I could do ##ERR (or something like that) and tell me the last app that crashed... on my Touch Pro (Sprint), I'm getting some intermittent crashes upon startup that end up disabling the microphone among other things. If I reset the phone again, it usually fixes it, but I'd like to figure out what the problem is. Rebooting not running TF3D usually lowers the incidence of crashing, but what's the point then? :)

    I've installed a few things (fuzeberry really takes the phone to a new level), so I expect crashes, but, again, I'd like to be able to tell what's causing the crashes...

    I'm not complaining about my phone crashing (so please don't tell me to do a hard reset), I'm only trying to figure out which app it is :)


    01-01-2009 02:02 PM
  2. jamespaulritter's Avatar
    Sorry,,,, I dont know what to tell you,,,,,,, In all my years with Windows Mobile I have never had to debug. I have never had crashing issues. What do you have installed besides the fuzeberry?
    01-03-2009 09:31 PM
  3. bioart#WP's Avatar
    I have fuzeberry, redfly and skb tools. Shouza also. Things seem to have stabilized since V5 of the fuzeberry theme came out...

    01-08-2009 09:09 PM