1. dudrsnacks#WP's Avatar
    Quiz question!If I download Opera mobile browser version 8.65 onto my Touch today,can I upgrade to version 9 when it's released?Because I want to buy version 8.65 for 29 USD right now.But it would suck if I couldn't just upgrade version 8.65 to 9 when it drops.It just doesn't make sense to have to buy the next version instead of upgrading!Now of course I have no idea how Opera does it.So if anyone has either already downloaded it or just knows the answer,please let me know.Because it owns PIE IMO!In a bad way!And version 9 is gonna be even more awesome!So PLEASE help me out!Because I can't stand PIE!And I'm totally willing to pay for Opera mobile!And if you haven't tried it out yet,go download the free 30 day trial.It will make you believe!lol.TIA
    11-06-2007 02:31 AM