1. dudrsnacks#WP's Avatar
    What's up everybody?Ok,I downloaded the TCPMP and the Skunkworks flash video bundle.And it's awesome!So,I was watching some YouTube videos on my Touch and I came across this video about the TCPMP and overclocking.The dude in the video pointed out that the TCPMP automatically detects your processor speed.I have the Sprint Touch with the 400mhz processor.So I go and look at the settings and the damn thing says 900mhz!So I kinda freak out because just like a desktop,overclocking can be dangerous if your not careful!So I did a hard reset and re-installed everything.It now has the correct processor speed in the settings.But I was wondering if it detected the wrong processor speed because of a bad install.Or if the TCPMP overclocked my speed.And if it may have damaged my processor.I don't think that it it did.But you never know.So if someone else had the same thing happen to them or know alittle more on the matter,please let me know if I should try and bring it back because the processor is gonna crap out on me.TIA.
    11-09-2007 02:29 AM