1. jim256's Avatar
    hey just wondering who had experimented much with the pagepool on their vogue?
    and if so, what were your results? i have toyed around with it a bit, starting at the stock (12mb?) , going to 16,18,17,4, and now 36 and...im not sure i have noticed too much difference though i can say that 4mb pp was pretty slow.

    others say that 16 or 18 definitely make the device more responsive...but i couldnt say it definitely did for me.


    thanks, jim.
    01-29-2008 06:05 PM
  2. Dieter Bohn's Avatar
    I can't use our Sprint Touch as my daily driver (wish I could, lord I wish there were a better universal cell phone number + SMS service!), so I can't help ya play around with it.

    01-31-2008 12:39 PM
  3. jim256's Avatar
    ha ya...looks like no one can help me out!

    thanks anyway tho.
    02-01-2008 12:39 AM