1. Minsc's Avatar
    So I'm looking to replace my aging treo 700wx and trying my best to wait until the 800w comes out. In the meantime, I've been looking closely at the Touch as I love the form factor and screen. Back when I got my 700wx, I loved the quickness of the UI in terms of switching applications, scrolling, etc. It was really far better than any other WM5 smartphone I'd tried.

    Now with the Touch, I keep reading about how people are very impressed with the speed of it. Being that it has a faster CPU and a newer version of windows mobile, I was expecting to be wowed. But after playing with one in a Sprint store, I have to admit that I came away a little disappointed. The speed of switching apps and navigating around the UI felt no faster at all than my Treo. When I tried dialing a number in the phone app, it seemed downright sluggish - as in I had to make sure to type slowly or it wouldn't keep up. I went to my local radio shack yesterday and played with another one just to make sure the first one I tried wasn't a bum unit, but it seemed the same.

    So.... are the people who keep raving about it's speed coming from other WM devices other than Treo's? (and therefore not used to the Palm enhancements to the WM Treos) For those of you who had a Treo 700wx (or 750) and moved to the Touch, what is your take on the speed?

    02-09-2008 08:59 AM
  2. nasa1303's Avatar
    well what i have heard is that the touch is one of the fastest windows mobile device, palm is faster but it is also simpler. i have one and am impressed with it most of the time. every now and then it will get sluggish if you are multitasking. i heard the mogul is really slow, one of my friends has one. as far as blackberry i am not sure
    02-09-2008 03:39 PM
  3. jim256's Avatar
    i am not impressed at all with the speed of my vogue.

    for how new it is (wm6(.1 :) ) dual-core, 128mb ram...) i was REALLY expecting more responsiveness...

    my brother has a 700wx and i must say i am pretty sure his is a lot quicker.

    dont be swayed by the slow dialing issues though, if you simply hit menu > options, and then shut off the dialer tones, the dialing becomes instantaneous.

    i am quite disappointed though, and have installed a pretty clean wm6.1 ROM, boosted the page pool, and done all the known performance reg hacks i can think of to speed this baby up...

    though wizcode does keep saying that they will be able to overclock this chipset in not TOO long...ANXIOUSLY WAIITING!!!!!
    02-18-2008 12:32 AM
  4. JNGold's Avatar
    Coming from a Treo 750, I find the speed of the Touch Cruise more than acceptable. Sure, the phone dialer is a little bit laggard but nothing that would cause any angst.

    I have had the Cruise for about a week now and am very satisfied with it.
    02-18-2008 09:33 AM