1. juslisten's Avatar
    Hello, I made a real bad boo-boo. My gf has the touch. and I tried to sync her phone and it wouldn't sync. I then deleted the windows mobile center that was on her computer (she is running Vista). I tried to re-install it using her disk and even the disk for my mogul. Nothing happened. It won't come back. I even went to the Microsoft website and tried to download it from there but no luck. Can someone please help me get windows mobile center back on her computer and sync her touch???

    P.S. I know that there is a reg hack somewhere that allows you to move the keyboard on the touch. I did it once and found it on here but I can't find it anywhere. Please lead me in the right direction if you can.
    07-18-2008 11:23 AM
  2. xd1936's Avatar
    1. What happened when you tried to download WMDC from M$? Did you use this link?

    2. Uh... Move it to where?
    07-18-2008 09:25 PM
  3. juslisten's Avatar

    Thank you for responding. Let me tell you what happened next. Well I downloaded the program and then connected my two different devices. Both times the Sync Center never came up. However, it did try to sync with Windows Media (I don't know why but that is not what I wanted). Any other suggestions???

    When I was talking about the keyboard moving....I meant that I had found a hack that allowed you to move the keyboard on the screen anywhere you wanted to when you typed in the message during a text. Very helpful when the keyboard covers up your message.

    Thanks again.
    07-20-2008 06:44 PM