1. cotys's Avatar
    I am running WM 6.1 on my Sprint Touch.

    Last week my Touch locked me out. I've had the same password on all my mobile devices. I used my phone in the morning, late morning it would not accept my password. I did several resets, took out the battery for a while, still no good. I had to do a hard reset and restore my apps.

    Now after a hard reset, my backlight settings will not save when I change them. If I go to Settings, Backlight, battery, the box is checked and set to 10 sec. I can change it to 1 min and hit ok. If I reopen it, it is on 1 min. After a power off it returns to 10 seconds.

    Any hints of what to do? I'm considering another hard reset, just hate to do it again.
    09-08-2008 11:30 AM